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Checklist for new editors

Welcome to Gjensidige! All that new information can be overwhelming, so we've tried to gather everything in one place.

All about our brand identity

You'll find everything you need to know about our profile and identity in the brand center. Browse guidelines and download assets to help you create holistic designs that look and sound like Gjensidige.

Best practices for content

These are some methods and guidelines that will help you plan and write brilliant digital content:

  1. Using the core model
  2. Creating an argument
  3. Site performance
  4. Microcopy
  5. Plain language
  6. Universal design for editors

About Gjensidige

The first step of your onboarding is to learn who we are as a company and how we want our digital content to represent us.

These articles and will tell you what you need to know:

  1. Gjensidige's strategies
  2. Core values
  3. The Gjensidige Experience
  4. Tone of voice
  5. Visual identity

Your onboarding process

  • Your team leader will introduce you to your team, department and specific tasks
  • You'll learn all about Gjensidige on various onboarding activities along with other freshmen
  • Your department will introduce you to the content community and how we work with language and content design

Tools we use

Language in Gjensidige

Our language says a lot about who we are. In Gjensidige, we use language to bring us closer to our customers – and each other.

Discuss content on Slack

Share your tips and tricks with other editors, copywriters and content designers.

Open community channel

Got a random question for us? Or a tip on how we can improve? Let us know!

Meet the word wizards of Gjensidige

We create websites, measure and research the user experiences, and make sure digital solutions are easy to understand and use.