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Solutions for everyone who creates, tests, and improves digital services at Gjensidige.

Our design system is more than just building blocks

The design system is our common language. It is used to create digital solutions on websites and applications and make sure that our brand is visible and recognisable in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

All of Gjensidige's Nordic websites use the design system either in applications or in our CMS. This enables scalable digital development using the same infrastructure, building blocks and brand identity – no matter where the solution is built.

Documentation is a vital part of a design system. Of course, we let it speak for itself by documenting everything on our very own website; Here you can test all of our components, find best practices on how to use them, collaborate and share knowledge with your peers.

Dive into the details

Enabling scalable, fast and consistent development

People are the heart of our solutions


Connect with your peers, discuss methods and have a look at your colleagues' solutions.

Come join us

We're always scouting for skilful colleagues! Read more about working with tech in Gjensidige and browse our current openings.

Enabling 150 builders

  • A common language for all disciplines
  • Out-of-the-box accessibility and compatibility
  • Speedy design and development
  • Single source of truth
  • Consistency across all applications and domains