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Checklist for new designers

Welcome to Gjensidige! All that new information can be overwhelming, so we've tried to gather everything in one place.

About Gjensidige

The first step of your onboarding is to learn who we are as a company and how we want our digital solutions to represent us.

These articles and will tell you what you need to know:

  1. Gjensidige's strategies
  2. Core values
  3. The Gjensidige Experience
  4. Brand and profile
  5. Visual identity

Your onboarding process

  • Your team leader will introduce you to your team, department and specific tasks
  • You'll learn all about Gjensidige on various onboarding activities along with other freshmen
  • Your department will introduce you to the design community and how we work with brand, design systems and user experience.

Our visual identity

Consistent use of colours, a realistic photo manner and bold use of typography – this is what makes us look and feel like Gjensidige:

Creating quality designs

Recommended reading

Nielsen Norman Group defines 5 principles of visual design that impact UX: Scale, hierarchy, balance, contrast and gestalt.

This is what you need to plan and design brilliant user interfaces and experiences:

  1. Using design components
  2. Using design tokens
  3. Brand identity
  4. Contributing to the design system
  5. Universal design for designers

Tools we use

As a designer in Gjensidige, there are several tools that are part of your daily workflow. These are your most important ones:

We use Figma for any design and documentation tasks. Use it to create new designs, contribute to Core, comment on and discuss sketches, create clickable prototypes and keep everyone up to speed with your newest iterations.

We use this digital whiteboard tool for everything from meeting agendas and workshops to brainstorming and creative collaboration. Visit our Miro hub to learn more.

Ask your team leader or manager to access new tools