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Checklist for new developers

Welcome to Gjensidige! All that new information can be overwhelming, so we've tried to gather everything in one place.

About Gjensidige

The first step of your onboarding is to learn who we are as a company and how we want our digital solutions to represent us.

These articles and will tell you what you need to know:

  1. Gjensidige's strategies
  2. Core values
  3. The Gjensidige Experience
  4. Brand and profile
  5. Visual identity

Your onboarding process

  • Your team leader will introduce you to your team, department and specific tasks
  • You'll learn all about Gjensidige on various onboarding activities along with other freshmen
  • Your department will introduce you to the development community and how we work with code and testing

Our design system

Builders Core, Gjensidige's own design system with ready-to-use components (built in React) for you to grab and speed up your work. Here's more information on Core:

  1. Introduction to the design system
  2. Contribute to the design system
  3. Help and questions regarding the design system

The design system in Figma could be relevant also outside of web-technology, while the components mainly are useful for front-end.

Our must-haves

A code smith like yourself cannot flourish without great tools. Here's a collection of tools most developers at Gjensidige use, and recommend (but needs may vary):

  1. Install your code-editor of choice (like VSCode or IntelliJ)
  2. Install Slack
  3. Register and get access to Wiki-spaces, etc.
  4. Get access to Gjensidige's GitHub
  5. Now that you are familiar with IdentityNow you might also request access for Miro and/or Figma, if you need it.
  6. Get a Personal Access Token from GitHub to work with Core.
  7. Some resources (in Norwegian) on our own Intranet:
    1. /ansatt/onboarding%20-for-alle
    2. /ansatt/onboarding%20-for-alle/teknologi-og-infrastruktur


Our main language in Gjensidige are each local language. But for Slack and code, which are used across multiple countries and languages, we highly recommend sticking to English as long as possible. Even if multiple persons in a communication are Norwegian speaking, future users might find the conversation useful and in need of the information. Teams may choose to deviate from this in internal channels, team-channels, wiki-spaces and documentations, and even code.

But if there's no very strong reasons, always use English.

Our community

As a large organization, spread over multiple offices and countries, we have a thriving community that is eager to help. To help you find your way around the different arenas, digital and physical, we've gathered a few links:

  1. Join our physical Front-end forum
  2. Join #frontend on Slack - useful for all front-end devs
  3. Join #builders-core on Slack
  4. Join #team-builders on Slack, the team that is here to help with any "global" questions.
  5. Don't hesitate to talk to relevant Team Leaders or Discipline Leaders for any assistance.

Creating great solutions

Frontend in Gjensidige

The home of Gjensidige's code magicians, gathering the principles, tools and resources you need to create dazzling solutions.

Frontend Forum

Frontend Forum is a low-key gathering of the frontend developers in Gjensidige, where we share our latest projects and challenges.