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Leadership in digital development

Leadership is also a discipline needed in digital development. This space is the place for those interested in leadership as a discipline, and for those who want to publish their thought about leadership.

Objectives and Key results

Objectives and key results (OKRs) is a buzzword in product development describing a way of organizing work to be done to be able to reach goals.

How ordinary people create extraordinary products

Teams working with digital development need to trusted by the organization - being addressed with issues to solve and not features to build.

Product teams and Platform teams

While the product teams are responsible for how the product value is exposed to users and customers, the purpose of a platform team is to manage services so they can be easily leveraged by other teams

System thinking, endurance and team culture

It is with respect for the heritage and the boldness to drive changes, that Team Builders will lead the way forward, both with solutions and people who perform.