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Front-end Forum

Front-end Forum is a low-key gathering for front-end developers in Gjensidige. A platform to share ideas, pains, problems, solutions with the front-end community.

Welcome to the re-branded Front-end Forum!

  • Bi-weekly (odd numbered weeks)
  • Wednesday
  • From 09:30 to 10:30
  • Samhandlingssonen (SG21, 4th floor)
  • And Teams

If you've worked at Gjensidige for a few years this might confuse you, but we have decided to keep the "Forum" name for open discussion forums. This means "Front-end Forum" is an arena for discussing front-end, and presentations from the community, and sharing what affects us. Let’s sit around and talk/show what’s on your front-end mind!

This is not a mandatory meeting, but I recommend stopping by. It rarely takes the full 60 minutes, but that is the amount of time I will be available for you if the need is there.

Consultants, here and near-shore, can also participate.


The agenda for each meeting is created before each meeting, it is also possible to surprise us with what is happening on your side of the universe. If you have done something cool you like to share, or experienced a horrible fail, or just need to discuss how to solve some new problem, do share, there's no better place than here!

Let's share more, network more, and collaborate more!

Follow the #frontend channel on Slack for freshly served agenda before each week's forum.

I will also hold some fixed themes, like bring updates on Builders Core, and other things affecting the front-end world.

The essential


  • Bi-weekly (odd numbered)
  • On a Wednesday
  • Starting at 09:30, until 10:30 (if needed).
  • Don't expect it to take 60 minutes every time. Meeting length is based on the agenda for each week, and what comes up each time.

For whom?

  • Front-end developers primarily, but anyone that has front-end issues might benefit from showing up.
  • Consultants, near-shore and in-house, all are welcome.


  • Available on Teams
  • Physically on 4th floor of SG21 in the new "Samhandlingssonen".

Can I present something?

Absolutely! 😀 

  • Reach out through a message on #frontend to get some publicity on your topic.
  • Or just show up and surprise us.
Everyone that feel they can get a performance boost by participating are welcome.