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Collab session

Collab-session is a monthly arena for a smaller group of designers from each teams. The topics are based on the current needs of the product teams.

Target audience

Collab session contributes to:

  • ensure a common understanding of the brand identity’s main foundations & assets.
  • create consistency across all products & services by actively co-creating, sharing, discussing, and defining together. 

To build a strong design systems community that promotes learning, testing and encourage best practices in building, scaling and maintaining Core & Parts.

Learning, testing and documenting in order to create a holistic user journey.

All product teams are encouraged to send at least one UX/ content designer to participate in each the session, based on the relevance of the topic. We aim to keep the sessions small and promote a hands-on approach in solving concrete challenges. We partner with Builders team on all sessions and collaborate on scaling and documenting the design system.

Contribute to the community

You are contributing to our design community by sharing your unfinished work for feedback and inspiration in our various Slack channels, such as