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Our design system

The design system is the beating heart of Gjensidige Builders. This is where you find building blocks to combine in multiple ways to build digital solutions.

All components have analytics integrated, so that we can track how they work in our finished products


The component library contains building blocks such as buttons, checkboxes and input fields. Each component come with technical and functional documentation so that it's easy to understand how to use them in your design and code.

When a team or project creates a new component – or makes improvements to an existing one – it's added to the library. This enables us all to benefit from the great work done by designers, developers and analysts across the company.


Foundations are the styles, rules and design tokens that our components are built on. Our teams and projects use the foundations when they create new components and applications.

The core foundations include Gjensidige's

  • colour palette
  • font sizes and weights
  • icons
  • specifications for grid and spacing