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The Gjensidige Experience

Our brand strategy includes a set of operational principles that guide the way we approach daily tasks and customer interaction. We call these principles "The Gjensidige Experience".

The Gjensidige Experience

  • We keep our promises
  • We always deliver quality
  • We make the complicated simple
  • We ensure that the customer is satisfied

Business principles

Our four business principles inform the way we approach all our work efforts and interaction with potential and existing customers.

We keep our promises

Insurance services require trust. We create this through clarity and predictability. That means being transparent about what our customers can expect and sticking to that:

  • Always give the customer what the customer is entitled to.
  • Always be clear about progress and what can be expected.
  • Provide insight into activities and processes.
  • Stick to agreements and inform customers in the case of deviations.
  • Base your actions on our ethical norms and values

We always deliver quality

To ensure satisfied customers, we perform our tasks and make things right the first time around. Our service models, processes and routines help us create this experience:

  • Focus on what creates value for the customer, and remove what is unnecessary.
  • Deliver quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the customer's needs.
  • Complaints and discontent are dealt with quickly and knowledge is used actively for continuous improvement.
  • Know how to fully exploit the company's solutions.
  • Continually search for better solutions.

We make the complicated simple

It is our responsibility that customers understand us, and so we should always strive to simplify complicated services and processes:

  • Customer insight is used as the basis for all advice, development and simplification.
  • The advice we provide and the solutions we establish shall benefit the customer.
  • Use language the customer understands, both spoken and written.
  • Ensure that the customer understands what he/she is buying and what he/she is paying for.
  • Contact the customer when important changes occur that affect the customer.

We ensure that the customer is satisfied

Satisfied customers are our best ambassadors:

  • Listen actively and put yourself in the customer's situation.
  • Ensure that the customer is provided with solutions tailored to their needs and finances.
  • Stay on top of the case until it is solved or a colleague has taken over.
  • Admit misunderstandings or mistakes, address mistakes immediately and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the solution.
  • Always ask whether customer expectations have been met and if the customer is satisfied.

Digital principles

In addition to the four business principles, we have five digital principles. They focus specifically on how we want our digital solutions to be perceived.

I know what, when and how I am going to do something.


  • We provide the customer with a clear picture of the whole process.
  • We state clearly what the customer should do, what the suppliers do and what Gjensidige does.
  • We make the customer aware of the consequences of choices.
  • We give the customers a clear picture of what they can expect from the first point of contact onwards.

I get the information I need to make the right choices.


  • The customer should never worry about making a mistake. If they make a mistake, they should know that we will fix the problem.
  • We always reassure the customer when she makes the right choices, and we confirm the previous choice.
  • We give the customers the right amount of the right information at the right time.
  • We reassure the customers that they are getting what they are entitled to

I feel that I am given priority.


  • We always give the customer the applicable timeline and what the next stage in the case is.
  • We always deliver a little sooner than stated.
  • We always explain how long the customer has to wait, why they have to wait and how they themselves can speed up their case.
  • We guarantee seamless transitions between those involved in the case.

I am the best person to fix this, and it feels good


  • We use conventions that the customer recognises from services they use on a daily basis.
  • We adapt all the information and all processes for the convenience of the customer – not for our convenience.
  • We let the customer simulate outcomes before they make a choice.
  • We use ‘gamification’ to let the customer experience the joy of mastery.

This is about me and my specific case.


  • We apply "privacy by design" as a guiding principle for all development.
  • We make it simple for the customer to find their whole dialogue from all channels.
  • We remove everything that is irrelevant to the case in question.
  • We give the customer the option of giving someone else access to information in the case.
  • We use the mobile phone channel for personal messages