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Gjensidige's core values

The core values help us deliver the Gjensidige Experience by encouraging innovative, daring and supporting ways of creation and development.

​​​​​​​Create a sense of security

We create a sense of security by leaving room for error, showing trust, openness, and by listening to, seeing and supporting each other. A sense of security allows us to challenge the status quo and takes us a step further. A secure setting gives us courage.

Apply new thinking

New thinking is about being inquisitive and wanting to perform better. Share your own thoughts and ideas and actively engage in those of others. New ideas lead to learning, create dynamics, challenge us and take us one step further.

Gjensidige's core values are defined in the brand strategy.

Go for it!

Dare to go for it. Demonstrate determination and finish in style. Have faith in yourself, the team you work with and your initiatives, big or small. That’s how we face the future head-on.